Ex-mayor Ford

There are four reasons why Rob Ford is hated by every progressive person in Toronto, to the point where they actually froth, like Pavlov’s dog, when his name is mentioned. 1. He is fat. 2. He is colourful. 3. He is rightwing. And the clinching point: 4. He was freely elected Mayor of Toronto by a large margin, over the gay leftwing darling who’d been groomed for the post by the municipal establishment.

This morning, an Ontario judge rectified at least the last of these objections, by ordering him removed from office. At issue was a frivolous charge brought by a leftist complainer under the Province’s arcane Municipal Conflict of Interest Act. But the complainer was represented by Clayton Ruby, a major league “human rights” lawyer, the mention of whose name makes us froth like Pavlov’s dog.

It seems our fat, colourful, rightwing mayor is guilty of an unimaginable crime. He used his mayor’s office letterhead to help raise $3,150 for a kids’ football charity — to benefit a little league with which he’d himself been associated (as a volunteer coach). Can you believe it?

And then he made it worse for himself by not showing the proper grovelling respect, when met by a vocal barrage from the usual Council commies. He even refused to pay the money back from his own pocket. He said “see you in court” which, in Ontario, is a very grave tactical error for anyone known to be rightwing. The case went to the Ontario Superior Court, on whose bench sit several characters whom we could characterize — including Clayton Ruby’s wife.

The case was not decided by her, however, but by her colleague, Judge Charles Hackland. To be fair to him, he plainly acknowledged that the Act itself is a joke, that Mayor Ford had in no way acted dishonestly, that the punishment in no way fit the minor & arguable technicality of the “crime.” But then he passed sentence, vacating the result of a major Canadian election in which, as it were, the wrong side had won.

Elsewhere in the fine Province of Ontario we have mayors like Joe Fontana of London (Ont.), safe in office while under investigation by the RCMP on serious fraud charges. But as a former godfather for the federal Liberal Party, the man can pass as a progressive. The town’s municipal council has voted for him to leave office while facing these charges, but who are they? Mere elected officials. They have no standing under the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, designed to receive suits only from extremely well-funded private busybodies. As in this case, against the mayor of Canada’s largest city.

The Toronto media, which is full of journalists — a class overwhelmingly Smug Left — is already exulting in the decision. The taxpayer-funded CBC (both television & radio) has had at him constantly. The progressive Toronto Scar has sent reporters to stalk him night & day, running big black headlines over nothing stories. In exposé after exposé, they have revealed to their amazed readers that Mayor Ford is — can you believe it? — fat, colourful, & rightwing. Last week the big media scandal was that he slipped & fell on artificial turf outside City Hall, while throwing footballs at another charity event. He tried to laugh this off with a self-deprecating joke about his “padding.” But the media had him nailed.

“Democracy” is the window dressing for the Nanny State. Ford was elected specifically to do something on behalf of taxpayers about the incredible unionized profligacy at City Hall. That meant taking on powerful & monied vested interests, which he has courageously done. He survived a withering campaign of slander while running for office. But the filth have got him now.