Back, in business

My apologies to anyone who noticed this anti-blog went down a few days ago. Without getting tedious about causation, let me say that we are now up again, on a more expensive server, after heroic electronic reconstructive surgery by my webmaster, also known as my Wee Tiny Boy. Particular apologies to the authors of a few Comments that were lost in the carnage. Perhaps you know who you are. My own latest mutterings were partially backed-up, and I will resume strewing them before you tomorrow.

In response to overwhelming popular demand (at least three people had suggested it), a PayPal button has been installed, which may be reached through the “Pay!” link atop this page. This is a strange and frightening innovation. But not half so strange nor frightening as the Twitter account my Wee Tiny Boy has opened on my behalf, and through which he has instructed me to tweet the happy news, whenever I upload a new post. Or perhaps, whenever I am feeling mischievous. If the Pope can do it, I suppose it is acceptable for other Catholics. We have less staff than the Pope, however, up here in the High Doganate, so the thing must wait until I’ve figured how it works.

All of which suggests I must be singing for my supper. Well, you know how it is in this world.