Bring me my bow

No, we haven’t given up the ghost. Just a little more fever. (This website was knocked off the Internet for the last six days; hardly for the first time.) Be assured, gentle reader, that we do not surrender our ghosts, in the High Doganate. Nor throw in our towels, except to the laundry. Verily, we cling to our ghosts, up here, along with our guns and our bibles.

A fair number of people sent kind messages, and I did not reply to them all, and may not even have received all, as I was also bumped off email for a bit. Please take this as acknowledgement and explanation. (As a compensation, some thoughtful person would seem to have put me on the mailing list for every conceivable gay, feminist, environmentalist, neo-communist or other progressive cause. Thank you, for each unsolicited message is an inspiration to redouble my efforts.)

Let us not weary, as Paul writes to the Galatians (6:9). Or as the Anglikaaners sing: “I will not cease from Mental Fight, / Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand: / Till we have built Jerusalem.”