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Gentle readers are invited, nay encouraged, to “subscribe” to my Essays in Idleness. May I humbly suggest that you give me 100$ this year, and again in each calendar year, or a multiple of that, or some fraction, whenever you are feeling flush.

You may also wish to cover for readers who are too poor, or too mean, to contribute for themselves. (Ten times is good! A hundred times is better!) And anything will be gratefully received!

Er, think of the benefits! …

You will be supporting a penurious and mendicant author who is, thanks to his unique and refreshing Weltanschauung, no longer employable in the Main Stream Media.

And while I cannot offer days off Purgatory, or even a tax exemption, you will acquire cubic acres of my goodwill!

Meanwhile, be advised that I have no Pay Wall, nor Collection Department, nor administrative bureaucracy of any kind. So if you do decide to go on reading my Idleposts gratis, I have absolutely no way to stop you.


“So how do I pay?” you are surely asking.

My fellow Canadians may try “Interac e-Transfer,” if they bank online. Send to this email address — — and your money is automatically deposited in my bank, which pings back an electronic acknowledgement.

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Finally, I have again cancelled PayPal, after they scrood me over, yet again. It was convenient for donors, I confess, but see what I have said about the “tyranny of convenience” in some Idleposts, passim.

And God bless you, my beloved patrons, for sustaining this wee, counter-cultural enterprise!