The author of these Essays is a self-confessed white male, and worse, a Roman Catholic. He pings mostly from the Parkdale district of Toronto, Canada. He has lived for a fairly long time. He was a journalist for much of this time, but also not a journalist for long stretches — in Canada, and in several other countries. None of those were in Africa, South America, or Antarctica. Some readers may recall a magazine of “elevated general interest” entitled The Idler, from the 1980s. (It went belly up in 1993.) Yes, he was the guy who did that. Later, he wrote a reactionary, thrice-weekly column in certain Canadian newspapers; until 2012, when his employer offered him a nice whack of money to “just go away.” That money having been expended, he is open to paying gigues. For such, as for other baroque purposes, he may be reached by email through the link below. Please try to keep it civil:


Another current source of David Warren Thought is, incidentally, The Catholic Thing, where he writes a column every second Friday: