Daily & Sundays

I’ve pledged to file daily, though my equipment will have to cooperate. Yesterday, in theory, we switched over once again to “new,” which will make us “even more impregnable” than the last lot. It will also free us from the billings of a certain long-established Canadian telephone company: one characterized by my son and chief technical adviser as, “Worse than Hitler.” (He was trained in the art of hyperbole by an expert.)

The new equipment has not yet worked. I am back on the old equipment, but will try again soon, when I think I have enough coffee in me.

Good news: the technical adviser in question will, if God helps, return to the Greater Parkdale Area by the weekend. He has made it to Denver, after excitements with snow and malfunctioning aircraft, that put him on the ground at Detroit, then showed him Chicago. Denver was not where he was going but, “getting warmer” as they say. They’ve lost his luggage, of course, but as he writes, “Who needs material things?”

Once, for a single hop from Tokyo to Vancouver, my luggage found its way to Sydney, Australia. I reflected that it might be circling the same Pacific Rim, except, counter-clockwise.

(And by the time I was no longer in Vancouver, it arrived.)

Now, back to my little computer nightmare.

In this world that has been dedicated to Efficiency.

Saint Isidore of Seville, pray for us.