Gentle reminder

Aha, it is Michaelmas — the Feast of Saint Michael and All Angels, MMXVI — which means, four years have now passed since I began this antiblogue, in the spirit of, “What else can I do?” … For I had been run out of all mainstream media, for my poisonous literary and scientific views, and was already too old to train for a new career as a pugilist, or concert musician. Too, I refuse guvmint pogey, and lack the skills for white collar crime. About a thousand of these “Essays” have been posted; less at least a hundred that I have “disappeared.” (Nice Argentine verb, that.) Towards one million words for gentle reader to choose from, on this rainy day.

It is a mendicant antiblogue. I depend for food, clothing, shelter, and Internet connexion, largely on my receipts through PayPal. (See button, atop this page.) There is some other minor income; but this, poor me, is the principal source. And while my “readership” still seems to be growing, “donations” are mysteriously down. A small circle persist in sending more than they can afford, kind souls. It is the rest of you to whom I am appealing. Need I say more?

Well, probably yes. The experts agree that begging letters should be long, wordy, rambling, gratuitously prolix, and even wantonly diffuse; and that they must be frequently repeated. The theory is to leave the customer with no way to be rid of you, except by shedding cash. And so, by way of piling on, let me link to previous Michaelmas effusions: here, here, and here.