Motherhood & peoplekind

One cannot keep up with the little events. While I was delivering the speech I texted yesterday, Justin Trudeau was addressing one of his obsequious “town halls.” A young lady asked him about Canada’s crippling regulation of religious charities, that limits the worldwide mission to which she belongs from doing the sort of charitable work here that has won them awards in other countries (such as the Queen’s Award in Britain).

In the video, our young prime minister is incurious, interrupting to hurry her question. But then we get a flash from him. This is when she uses an officially proscribed term. It is, “mankind.”

As in: “Maternal love is the love that’s going to change the future of mankind” — the sort of phrase Saint Teresa of Calcutta was in the habit of using. And as Mother Teresa would have done, even before an audience aggressively sterile.

“Peoplekind,” was Trudeau’s illiterate correction. This got him zombie applause from the other young people.

Then he added to his condescension: “We can all learn from each other.”

Young Justin, fresh from his latest accomplishment, which was changing the words of our national anthem (yet again), to make them (yet more) “gender inclusive,” can’t be helped. He listens only to those of his own ideological faction. This puts almost all human knowledge and history beyond his comprehension.

The same could be said for the college-aged kids in the audiences he feels most comfortable with. By the age of twenty or so, the average Canadian kid has been thoroughly brainwashed to use politically correct vocabulary, and strike the matching poses on demand, and to keep up with the latest ukases.

I do not mean “brainwashed” rhetorically. They rarely slip, and are mortified if they do. The world, as it has been these last ten thousand years and more, is a closed book to them. They are programmed to look only for ideological error, and are on guard against normal English usage — even while copulating, I should think. Any reminder of civilization, or of the natural order of mankind, has become offensive to them.

The defence of civilization requires us to offend them.


Since I wrote this, first thing this morning, I see that the story has “acquired legs,” or “gone viral.” I just read versions in the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Fox News, &c, and the Twitterverse is having fun mocking the Trudeau lad. While this is satisfying, it does not help with our zombie problem, alas. I would compare it with the difficulties in restoring Gaelic. One may speak it to the “young adults,” but it does not follow they will understand a word. For that, they would have to have been caught younger. Advice to parents: save your children while they can still be saved. Get at them before the Enemy does. Do not leave them alone with the media, or other satanic external forces. Church them; Christianize; never give up. Verily, this is why mothers are so important, and fathers must set a masculine example: “No surrender!”

You don’t want your boys to turn into weenies.

And you don’t want your girls to do that, either.