Another sign of ye times

Continuing in my apocalyptic mode, let me consider the case of Meghan Markle, Greater Parkdale’s dubious gift to the Royal Family. And let me say that I have nothing against her, “personally,” and no objections to her impending marriage to sportive Prince Harry, beyond what any loyal subject should have.

It won’t be a real wedding; just a court masque with the full court media in attendance. Miss Markle (not to be confused with the admirable Miss Marple) is already married, to a Mr Trevor Engelson; quite recently discarded. Until very recently, in the procession of generations, the concept of “divorce” did not exist in Western Christendom. I didn’t say, “in the Church Catholick” — any congregation would have been scandalized. It was made to exist by the civil authorities, who at least required an Act of Parliament to effect a divorce in these British realms. In USA, it was a feature of Las Vegas.

Mere separation was scandal enough, but this could be assuaged by disappearing into a monastery, for instance, or by emigration. There are true incompatibles, who cannot be made to live together, and from whose parting we may look the other way; but it does not follow from a failed marriage that either party should be permitted to marry again. The opposite approach would be dictated, by reason.

Whatever gentle reader might mention about the monstrous King Henry VIII, the Church of England did not formally accept remarriage after divorce until 2002; by which time the whole institution of marriage was anyway a joke. The principle of “till death do you part,” at the very heart of our civilization, is still recognized by a tiny minority of churchgoers, mostly Roman. But for the population at large, mired in filth, it is now so much spit on the floor.

In my humble and possibly uncontroversial opinion, Royals are public figures. They are exemplars to that general population, so strictures should apply to them with double force. How are we to effect repairs, to the heart of our civilization, while the “cool people” are still twisting the knife?

Again, nothing against this Markle woman, though I think Prince Harry should have known better, and might well have done had he been better raised. He is brave and good in many ways, and I don’t doubt that she has talents. For instance, after examining a photograph in the Daily Telegraph, I am convinced that she is capable of walking in six inch stilettos. Or else they are four-inch, and she is very short. But let me frankly admit, that is quite impressive.

I am not impressed by her (media celebrated) mixed race, however. Countless millions have accomplished that, with no effort on their own part. The insinuation behind the blather — that the Royal Family was previously racist — is so far beneath contempt as to constitute a typical media smear.

It is true, I was not invited to the wedding. But it would take more than an invitation — it would take a fabulous pension from the Crown — to buy my silence.