Against “education”

Children, in my sadly limited experience, are one of nature’s conservative forces. Or, they can be. Only after puberty are they likely, in the course of nature, to embrace change. One may glimpse what nature intended by this. Even adolescence has its function. As the child transforms into woman or man, by chemical processes I’d rather not mention, his outlook also changes. He will go out in the world. He still needs protection, but is beginning to forget. He is trying new spiritual garments on for size. He is trying things on, more generally; graduating, perhaps, from mischievous child to the full glory of juvenile delinquency. Or, from obedient and thoughtful child, to discerning and responsible adult.

In the old days, of course (in every culture), adulthood came earlier, and adolescence was merely its apprentice form. Now thanks to an extended, debilitating system of “education,” bureaucratically controlled, adolescence itself, or the semblance of it, may be extended past the age of thirty; and with the further interventions of what I call Twisted Nanny State, from birth (when permitted) to death (however caused). The old notion that one must take responsibility for oneself and in one’s neighbourhood (whatever that may be) has come to be replaced by the new notion that one is the member of a demographic group, to be assigned responsibilities by one’s progressive betters.

My humble post yesterday was inspired by a friend who told me of the latest school board experiment. The last but three vestiges of a dress code for students has been ceremoniously stripped away. Children must still cover their genitals in class, and (girls not specified) their nipples. Too, it would seem, all must cover their asses. It is argued that any further limitation would impair their “self-expression.”

The administrators have ruled, against discipline, once again. (Half the staff in our “public” schools are administrators today; the teachers are their servants.) The preferential option for barbarism and savagery was already well established — in particular the barbarism and savagery of trends. The new dress code “frees” the little snowflakes to climb aboard the latest that peer pressure will enforce. The child’s natural resistance to change, and instinct to conformity, is being scrambled towards unknown and thus unspoken, but consistently Leftist political ends.

Sex comes very much into this. From the age of five, children in the Province of Ontario are now, by administrative edict, exposed to “sex education” by a regime that officially denies the existence of nature’s two sexes. (The use, instead, of the grammatical jargon “gender” makes clear that nature has been overruled.) The new “undress code” should, or rather will, compound this consequentially. Children are being consciously encouraged to experiment with their still immature sexuality. What the result will be of this revolutionary experiment — contra naturam — does not interest the authorities. That is and will be, after all, a problem for police and the courts.

From what I know, Ontario is not the only jurisdiction in which this is being tried on. It is interesting, however, that its (“Progressive Conservative”) government is powerless to do one of the things it solemnly promised in the last election, which it convincingly won: to put an end to what is now proceeding in the schools, at an accelerating pace. Citizens must pay for “public education,” and its multiplying extravagances; but parents, especially, are denied any say in how it works.

Resistance is indicated, as a lawyer might say. I think the intentional perversion of children is the largest environmental problem our society now faces.