The would pile

An (unapologetically) Christian Party would lose elections. Perhaps that would be the point of it. The intention would be to make a good showing, and here and there, actually to get someone credible elected to some public office. Beyond that, set a good example, of characteristic civility and charm. It would inevitably be the party of religious freedom, especially for Christians. It would naturally oppose abortion and “euthanasia,” and the Culture of Death in its many other manifestations. Indeed, it would be thoroughly anti-choice in all matters of fundamental morality, on which Our Lord and His appointed heirs have clearly spoken. It would accept every plank of the Ten Commandments, without the slightest sophistical demur.

It would not attract only Christian voters, but they would be the core. Permanent and active riding associations would be the means of operation. Talks, studies, debates would be sponsored, to help members candidly explore current political questions. These local “clubs” would even arrange picnics, “youth outings” (the old-fashioned kind), history tours, civic events. Protests and demonstrations would not be sponsored.

The party would probably need a charter to state its permanent principles, and what they were not: a Founding Manifesto, if thou wilt. That it would not aspire to be a revolutionary vanguard, let alone a church; but expressly a formal political party; would be memorably asserted. The document would also be very forthcoming  about the need to restore a Christian society, and regenerate lapsed Christian souls.

“Conservatives” would complain that this party was splitting the Conservative vote. “Yes, we probably are,” would come the answer.

They would say, “How dare you appropriate the word ‘Christian’, as if our party were not also Christian?” But it’s not. (Did the “Christian Democrats” in Europe claim a monopoly on anything?)¬†The right of all Conservatives to moan, whine, cavil, and snivel, would always be recognized. Too, their right to sell out, on all matters of importance.

“Liberals” would call us fascists, racists, misogynists, &c. But what’s new?

To the usual fuss about “the separation of Church and State,” the Christian Party would contribute moments of clarity, explaining what the difference is between one and the other, why each must be independent of the other, and why it would be better if both were Christian.

A large part of the party’s function would consist of keeping Christian social ideas in circulation, defending them against misrepresentation, defending the citizen’s right to maintain them, and his right to practice Christianity openly — whether here or in any other country. This might require an effective, even ingenious, information and publicity arm. By all means use mockery and humour to humiliate “progressive” anti-Christian leaders; but also tirelessly expose their lies and hypocrisy.

All other parties would be granted the right to steal from the Christian Party platform, with or without attribution. Indeed even Liberal, Progressive, Green, Socialist, and miscellaneous commie-pervert parties would be encouraged to buy in, to whatever the Christian Party advocated. In practice, however, I would not expect plagiarism to present much of a problem.