Merican Thanksgiving

A gentle reader sends a poster for today’s Merican Holiday. It shows that Norman Rockwell scene of extended family, gathered round the turkey at the dinner table. A garish caption reads: “Pro Tip: Save lots of money on Christmas presents! Discuss politics at Thanksgiving.”

A sign of the times, as it were. At any given moment, approximately half of the population is baiting the other half, or vice versa. There are Internet sites devoted to supplying verbose ammunition to the respective sides.

So let’s discuss politics. …

In Canada of course, it is different. This is because our Thanksgiving falls earlier in the autumn. Another difference is that one side seems to have succeeded in cutting off the other’s ammunition supply, so that if you are a “conservative” — and nearly half the population is, up here, too — you tend to be very peaceful. Perhaps Natted States will get like that soon: I’ve been commenting on the Canadianization of the NSM for years.

As a “Jew-lover” (I’ve been called this by persons on both Left, and Right, so assume that I’ve earned it), I often think affectionately of Israel, but also, anxiously. This is because it is a small country, occupying less than one percent of the land in the Middle East, and surrounded by mortal enemies. The Israelis are also, about half-and-half, “liberals” and “conservatives,” but behave differently from us, because both sides know that if Israel loses just one major skirmish, they must all either escape, or be annihilated. Moreover, it wouldn’t be the first time in history this had happened to them.

Israel is, or was, at the front line of the West. I entertain “was” because it is filling with exiles, from the rear. As Europe fills with Muslim immigrants, Israel fills with fleeing European Jews. Incidents of vicious anti-Semitism come also from the Left, and they are increasingly shameless.

An old Jew once told me, that when he was young, he would see graffitoes declaring, “Jews to Palestine!” Now he was old, the signs read, “Jews out of Palestine!”

What has Trump to do with this, you ask? Apart from the fact that there are a surprising number of Jews in his family, and his entourage?

Well, I feel affection for him, and anxiety. The hatred directed at him, and all he stands for, constantly from the Left, has taken on the murderous, bigoted quality. If he loses one election, or one significant legal decision, his whole Party is finished; the jackals will be all over the Republicans. That’s how he has come to command the loyalty, even of people like me, who disagree with many things he says, and regret some of his policies.

For Merican Thanksgiving this year, after considering the matter from numerous angles, I would like to thank God, for Trump. In a time of real darkness, and civilizational despair, he has become, paradoxically, a point of light. I think that’s why the devils hate him so. He is among those who still understand that Norman Rockwell poster, as it was before the caption was added. Which was sentimental, corny, and good. For as I would paraphrase:

“Stand beside him, and guide him, through the night with a light from above.”