Of head shots

As we look to the future, and a New Year, we must reckon with earthly realities. Some of us have years to run, before being recalled by our Maker. For what is upcoming, it is important to be armed. This is brought home, at least to the sane, in multiple events, inadequately reported in the “mainstream” media.

My thoughts turn to Texas, where two parishioners were killed, and a third critically injured, in a Fort Worth suburban church. A massacre was in progress, but ended in six seconds. Six people drew guns, and one of them, apparently a firearms trainer, took out the assailant with a single head shot. (All those not killed are indebted to this man for their lives.) The other gunslingers, locked and loaded as it were, then surrounded the assailant, ready to react if he moved.

It was a horrible event, though it ended justly. Not so in New York and vicinity, where assaults on Jews have become commonplace — and are treated with relative indifference by the leftist media and municipal government. Owing to this (ideological) indifference, it is hard to get reliable information on any of these events, including one in Jersey City which resembled a commando raid on a kosher shop.

Raids on churches, synagogues, those who “look Jewish,” &c, have become commonplace in France; now they are occurring in America. It is true that they are performed by people who are mentally disturbed. The crime itself — murder in cold blood, of unknown individuals — establishes that fairly clearly. That such people cannot be negotiated with, nor pacified by state-assigned psychologists, should go without saying. When the media ask, “What was his motive?” — and worse, the police play along — they ask an unanswerable question about the mystery of evil.

What we need, instead, is a single accurate head shot, for each perpetrator, administered with all possible haste.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, which has changed demographically because voters in Washington’s Virginian suburbs (overwhelmingly Democrat) now outnumber the Virginians themselves (majority sane) — the latest essay in gun control is proceeding, by a governor himself somewhat titched. When I last checked, it appeared that all counties outside this suburban zone would declare themselves “second amendment sanctuaries,” in defiance of new gun-confiscation laws. These would necessarily disarm legal and responsible gun-owners. I should think if there were going to be a civil war, that’s where it would break out. Too, that it would be over quickly.

Yet gun control, in Virginia and elsewhere, remains an urban political phenomenon. It is understandable, in places like Toronto, where a high proportion of residents are mad. Once shooting starts, the voters can easily imagine “wild west” scenes, and are incapable of thinking beyond them.

Of course, guns aren’t strictly required, as we learn from the knifing epidemic in London, or as I was reminded last week, one block away in Toronto. A much-liked neighbour was knifed to death, under circumstances that are hard to reconstruct except by rumour, since the “sensitivity police” only give out news edited by their public relations department, after interest in the event has died down.

Again, it is unfortunate that neither the victim nor anyone in his environment (it was an open-air crime, hardly the first in Parkdale), was there to administer the needed head shot.

The world is full of kooks: people who vote Democrat in USA, Liberal up here, Labour in Britain. They have bought so dearly into dependence on the State, that they cannot understand do-it-yourself attitudes. However, given realities now unfolding, their numbers are beginning to shrink.