Next year in Jerusalem

My Chief Leaside Correspondent quotes some wag in Twitter: “It’s going to be wild when the Arab Street becomes friendlier to Israel than the Western Left.”

But with my Chief Texas Correspondent I have been discussing some other strategic subtleties.

It will be wild, too, when Trump wins the in-person vote 63:37, but Biden wins the unprecedented mail-in vote 96:4, putting him slightly ahead in the aggregate. When Trump challenges the result, USA slides into civil war; and in the chaos, China takes Taiwan, Iran takes Iraq, and Russia invades Ukraine and the Baltics. Turkey then reclaims Greece, in the name of a reconstituted Ottoman Empire, and Spain (unsuccessfully) attacks Gibraltar. The European Union, of course, collapses, as Germany threatens England in return. Hezbollah will be pre-occupied by the ayatollahs’ proxy wars in Syria and Arabia; and Hamas busy with the terror-Islamization of Egypt. (I’m leaving out the many lesser tribal conflicts, including the nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan.)

That will leave Israel as the only place in the world enjoying a bit of peace and quiet. Gentle reader will want to make his bookings, now.