Political diary

An asteroid — not a very big one, mind — is expected to fly by Earth on 2nd November; or, failing that, to hit us at one of three locations. I do wish NASA would tell us what they are. The Natted States election will be the next day, and I have several preferred urban locations, but the chance of the car-sized thing colliding with our planet at all seems remote. Even if it does, it would probably burn up in the atmosphere, leaving us all disappointed. A slightly larger rock whipped by a week ago, and the best you could say is that we bent its orbit; it hardly bent ours. There are billions and quadrillions of these tiny rocks hurtling through space, however, surely one will hit us eventually. But the ones that could do memorable damage are a more select set; and big enough to be seen from a distance. I’m sure Elon Musk could figure how to nudge it away. As to these mere stones, the police in any progressive Merican city get more flak, on the average evening.

Normally, we oppose asteroids hitting the Earth, but with the other choices in the big election, some make an exception for this case. So far as I can see, it is Trump versus Trump (half for and half against him), which to my analysis suggests, Trump wins. I don’t know anyone enthusiastic for Biden, but several who’d prefer an asteroid to Trump. In my view, they are trading on false hope.

Why even argue about what would be better for the economy — the riots after Trump wins, or the riots after Trump loses — when the most satisfying course might be to blow everything up. Which leads me to think, that everyone wins in this coming election. All options will prevail.

Up here in the Great White North (I wait patiently for this expression to become offensive), we have a new Conservative leader. Not even the Canadian meejah are discussing this, and no outlet abroad will condescend to report it. His name is apparently Erin O’Toole, and when I finally found some information on him, I learnt that he is not charismatic. The most attractive candidate was a black lady (Leslyn Lewis), who was also the most rightwing, and easily the most thoughtful and intelligent, so gentle reader can guess how much attention she got from our CBC (endlessly pumping for Comma-La Harris). Lewis almost won, despite meejah silence, and might have, had there been a proper convention with those “delegate dynamics” in play. She took Saskatchewan, outright, which is the closest we get to an asteroid strike.

That the Trudeau boy, still prime minister somehow (and may be as hard to get rid of as Angela Merkel), is laughably corrupt and incompetent, is generally known. But Canadians, especially those in my excessively populous province, are a dull-witted lot, and since he’s the only person whose name they’ve heard, they all vote for him. His current scheme is to use the Batflu crisis to impose an eco-socialist “new world order”; we’re still giving foreign aid to Red China.

I think I might favour the asteroid option myself, up here.