Locked & loaded

[Fearing this Idlepost was too mild, I added a few sentences to jag it up a bit.]


It would be unfair, as well as disrespectful, to describe political parties like the Democrats in the Natted States, or the Liberals up here in our Fair Dominion, as coalitions of the mentally ill with the mentally retarded, under the management of ruthless criminals. And gentle reader should know, that I am never unfair.

Notwithstanding, I am increasingly annoyed, to see what both of these triumphalist parties take for granted, as they look forward to the future they will impose on the rest of us. The trillions they will vomit, into soi-disant “climate change,” and soi-disant “equity,” and perpetual soi-disant┬ápublic health “crises,” are a discouragement to the sane. That each bundle of their crackhead schemes is not merely useless, but counter-productive to their stated goals, is a point I have often made in passing.

These parties depend entirely on the urban vote; inflated by corruption. As we saw once again in The Election to the south, they are trounced elsewhere. As evidence, the Democrats felt so protective of the zombie vote, that they even ran a zombie as their presidential candidate.

Each “issue” is not based only on a fraud, but something much darker. For each was advanced as the groundwork for tyranny, from the start. Moreover, each is no longer “talking points” for some deranged, radical clique, but all have spread through urban society as a cancer. None of their premisses may be challenged, no matter how obviously ludicrous; for the advocates cling to them as to religious dogmas. (Leaving us with only our guns and our Bibles.)

Tomorrow, my part of Ontario (most of it) goes back under “lockdown.” This is because the previous lockdowns had no effect at all. We can already know that this one won’t work, either, although it will spread poverty and ruin through millions of lives; while creating new sinkholes for public money.

The more serious victims are, overwhelmingly, not Democrat or Liberal voters. They are those who are by nature independent, keep small shops, take risks on their own savings. These are the “family types” being squeezed and trampled and put out of business by Big Bureaucracy and Big Tech. The “progressive” types, employed by large organizations, can work from their designer homes, and order in their ice cream, because they continue to be well paid, for jobs that are truly inessential. That’s why, politically, the lockdowns “work”: for they are aimed at people these inessentials sneer at; whom they call “deplorables,” “racists,” and “chumps”; those within and without the cities, who harvest and distribute the resources, and provide the myriad services, that make urban life physically possible — come rain, shine, or Batflu.

Far be it from me to suggest that they should abandon the cities, and stop deliveries to the urban cores. And yet, innumerable environmental problems could be solved thereby — from excess consumption, to excess leftwing voters — by the simple expedient of cutting the cities off.