Chronicles of hyperventilation

No one gets much bothered if you express disbelief in God, or attempt to blaspheme Jesus. No one, at least up here in the Frigid North, minds if you advocate for abortion, or killing off granny. (It is called “euthanasia.”) But hooo, God have mercy on you — or the Cancel Culture, if He won’t — should you stop worshipping the Batflu. For even to the Commies, some things are holy, after all. (A woman’s right to have her “pre-born” child butchered, for instance; or the little boy’s right, under peer pressure, to be surgically altered into a poor resemblance of … whatever he imagines.)

My latest reminder was during a rare encounter with another human, under our latest Lockdown protocols. We met — involuntarily on both sides, I am sure — in an elevator. It was a rare moment, too, when I was wearing a Batflu Muzzle; in order to avoid eviction from the High Doganate. My error was to say something light, but not entirely respectful, towards the Red Chinese Virus. Not lethally obstreperous, mind. It was on a level with criticism of the weather, which is still permitted in Toronto, about eight months of the year.

My elevator companion went, … I believe “apeshit” is the apt descriptive term. How dare I take the foremost medical crisis in the history of the universe as a joking matter? Was I unaware of “the science” behind him? (It’s quite a smell.)

Happily for me, there are only so many floors in my building, so his attempt at a comprehensive update was overcome by finitude.

I have, truth to tell, given up trying to respond helpfully to psychotic persons. I just pray that the elevator will reach my floor, before they get violent.

My second encounter of the day was much milder. (It is almost noon.) This was while I was trying to put the garbage out, having forgotten my muzzle. I was politely told of my omission, and quickly apprised of my fellow-tenant’s views on the seriousness of the situation. Sensing his own overkill, he added, more whimsically, “That’s my opinion, and I’m always right.”

“Well, I have the opposite opinion, and I’m always wrong.”

If YouBoob hasn’t taken it down yet, I think Dr Roger Hodkinson did a good job of expressing my opinion, in five minutes or less, to an electronic confab in Edmonton or somewhere. (See here.) While he is far better qualified to have an opinion, than anyone who is an authority in the meejah, I notice the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada is now trying to disown him. They don’t have a reason, but no one advancing the Batflu hysteria ever does.

“Believe, brother, believe!” … Or they will deal with you.