A reminder that not all Canadians are woke Marxists, or bourgeois Trudeauphiles, is currently being supplied by truck convoys. Owing to the Liberal control of Canada’s prostitute “mainstream” media (which accepts government subsidies), news of the convoys is largely suppressed; but thanks to “social media,” it is getting around. It is on an enormous scale — miles of brutally big transport trucks in convoys across the Prairies; multiple additional convoys from Nova Scotia to Windsor — converging on Ottawa. They express displeasure at government Batflu vaccine “mandates” (requirements), and face-covering impositions, &c. New border-crossing vaccine regulations are a particularly vicious attack on the livelihoods of truck drivers, but the protests represent all opponents of arbitrary government.

It will be amusing (whether or not nice) to see what results when tens of thousands of these carbon-fed monster lorries simultaneously deliver their message. This weekend the roadblocks in Ottawa will be tested. The answer from Trudeau and company is to demonize the drivers, with childish hashtags and rude slang. The word “vermin” is being dredged once again out of the old Nazi playbook, by the sewer rats.

In both Trudeau’s Canada and Biden’s America, owing to malicious incompetence in Batflu management, the supermarkets are emptying from supply-chain interruptions, and there is accelerating inflation. The political consequence of this should be known, and could have been anticipated, were it not for the severe intellectual limitations of our ruling class.

Paradoxically, while Trump’s “warp speed” vaccines were an unprecedented success (if it does not end in a paradoxical infection boomerang), and there have been impressive advances in Batflu detection and treatment, the people who could most benefit (old and worker types) have been insulted and alienated.¬†Up here in the High Doganate, we actually took the free vaccines (and got mild Omicron anyway). But many did not, who came to distrust the government propaganda, while being pushed around.

“Vaxxed” or “unvaxxed,” I’m anti-mandate.

What a surprise this has been for governments! People who are fed too much arrogance and bullshit, eventually throw it up. But if they are left to decide what is good for them by themselves, they will generally grasp the obvious. They will also make mistakes, but nothing on the scale of the credentialled experts.