Big lies

At the moment, the Big Lie of Satan appears to be diffused, mostly by the Batflu, and should it recede, by the (imaginary) imperatives of global warming. A large number of big lies (and a galaxy of lesser fibs) is needed to assure the devil that the public (which includes Catholics) is mesmerized. Our progressive political and medical authorities may be relied upon to keep these lies in circulation, and to replace each one as it begins to deflate. This is because their power and wealth depend on it.

For example, the vaccine imposture is tottering, and will need more than exaggeration to survive. We were told that “the vaccine” (in fact, several multi-billion dollar commercial investments) would prevent Batflu infections in individuals, and slow their spread through the general population. Shortly after these vaccines were introduced, however, their more intelligent sponsors clarified, that neither of these claims were true. Pathological liars, such as successful politicians, nevertheless continued to confuse the masses.

The vaccines were said to be safe, and as a precaution, information about their sometimes lethal effects was methodically censored. Injection might not prevent disease, according to the latest propaganda, but it will make it milder; fewer will need to be hospitalized. The public was warned not to ask for those medications which might work against the Batflu, but were out of patent, available as generics, and therefore could not fabulously enrich the pharmaceutical companies. Hideously expensive, newly-formulated experimental drugs were soon introduced, with ad-agency fanfare.

At last, the disgust of a substantial minority (and perhaps now a majority) has put vaccine “mandates” in jeopardy. (The word is intentionally misused.) This would have been a pioneering act: to use electronic means to track and control the entire population (as is currently done in urban Red China). But the Western public will not readily submit to enslavement, and a more subtle approach must be tried.

These are among the grander lies, told repetitively in “the mainstream media” and underwritten by the sort of governments I despise. There are many more, and I have not yet got to the face-mask fiasco. This is a bigger lie than most realize; the mania for making schoolchildren wear them gives the game away. For the young have little risk from the virus, and are being orally diapered only to advance Satan’s scheme to ruin childhood. Daily mask-wearing also plays a part in the mental illnesses and suicidal tendencies that afflict lockdown victims, from children to elders incarcerated (without visitors) in nursing “homes.” Cruelty is enabled as a medical protocol.

Anyone with an approximate idea of the diameter of a “SARS CoV-2” virus will understand that the mesh on their face-mask is ludicrously wider, unless the mask has been woven and sutured to the face to prevent the customer from breathing. This is the main exhibit of Batflu theatre, and is the symbol of rule by the (pretend) doctors of “The Science.” If there was one plausible study that showed any real benefit from these Batflu masks, governments would have publicized it exhaustively.

The same comment may be made for “social distancing” and various other impositions. The purpose is unambigously political — it is a play for tyrannical power — and only public health “experts” who are tame and over-paid can be trusted with the messaging.