Readers of the webpapers and other news hounds will know that Canada’s prime minister, the contemptible Justin Trudeau, has declared a State of Emergency in whatever parts of Canada he may choose from day to day, and to confiscate the bank accounts of people he dislikes. He will not, however, call out the military, perhaps from the fear that they would not take his orders. Our veterans have been siding with the truckers; and quite a few police have already demurred. Indeed, Liberal Party backbenchers in Ottawa are defecting, and one hopes that Mr Trudeau’s political career will end in the humiliation he has begged for. But for the moment, he can count on Canada’s “silent majority” of the unthinkingly obedient and easily scared. That is what the Batflu was, after all, probably designed to exploit, by the Red Chinese who invented it.

It is a special, bespoke-tailored emergency, so that Trudeau may settle scores with truckers who are honking their horns right outside his offices in the Parliament buildings. A more scientific solution would have been to go to his secret RCMP cottage, and camp there indefinitely.

At the back of every sad, defeated, timid mind is a fear that might be expressed in this way: “What if ‘they’ discover a new version of the pandemic, and it turns out to be even more awful? If we are not all locked down and wearing facemasks, &c, we are ALL going to DIE!”

Surveys show that the vast majority of Democrat and Liberal voters entertain wildly exaggerated estimates of Batflu transmission, and casualties. Though yes, if you are more than eighty years old, and dying from something else, even Omicron constitutes an additional threat.

“Pandemics” have been afflicting us since time out of mind; they are not answerable to human wishes. Every attempt to make them answer, through the centuries, has caused an increase of death and suffering; the Batflu is nothing new. “Public health” cannot honestly claim a net positive influence upon medical wellbeing. Through their natural tyranny and propensity to lying, governments spread suffering far beyond any disease.