Stop it now

The idea that one has the right, under a “Charter,” to speak freely, demonstrate and protest, but not the right to occupy physical space and time, has long been apparent to persons of the cold-blooded, criminal disposition.

In this respect Justin Trudeau is hardly unique.┬áLike, for instance, the New Zealish prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, he rose to his present eminence as the embodiment of an empathy, that was entirely fake. Indeed, he had no other skills or gifts, and like Miss Ardern, has only offered administrative incompetence. He is what we call “a nasty piece of work.”

He has now declared a national State of Emergency: because there are trucks parked illegally on Wellington Street in Ottawa. Had he been quicker with his proclamation, he could have mentioned a bridge in Windsor and border crossings in Manitoba and Alberta. But this would not have made his claim more plausible, as all the demonstrations were provocatively peaceful. The only chance of violence is to use force against them.

An economy is a controversial thing, for economic activity will often involve the use of space and time. For instance, truckers, and most others who are inclined to resist government “mandates,” are known to have bank accounts. They buy food to put in themselves, and fuel to put in their vehicles. By “freezing” these financial instruments, Trudeau vainly hopes to starve his opponents into panicked submission.

Indeed, one of this reptile’s remarks was that people who think vaccinations should be voluntary are “occupying space,” and therefore he must do something. Their very numbers call for decisive population management.

Other activities (as spring slowly approaches, the mind turns to global warming) have implications in the realm of physics — scientists affirm this. Anything that sets the electrons bouncing should be raised as a political issue. (Vide Karl Marx.) We must have government intervention, in one hundred per cent of historical developments. According to this argument, we cannot be safe until the Liberal Party of Canada (or its equivalent elsewhere) has regulated all human action. Anything short of this is Nazi White Supremacy.