The last day

After this, our world can be de-commercialized, and de-politicized. This is not, strictly, a means to make it Christian, but it is not exactly not. Both evils entail worship of other gods, and neglect of the actual God. And both are to be understood in the extent that they do this.

Of course, “this” calls for a little modest definition. I am currently identifying Shrovetide, and its last day, Shrove Tuesday; or whatever it is called wherever it is observed, or celebrated. Note that I do not have the slightest objection to pancakes, or sausages, or swilling alcohol, or the ingestion of the many other culinary items which traditionally precedes the year’s longest, most significant fast. Everything on its day, or in its season. To fast properly, one cannot be a (typically American) Puritan. It is also impossible to be a Puritan and feast; neurosis has ever been opposed to catholic (small-c) religion.

“Go to Confession,” is perhaps a standard greeting for Shrove Tuesday; go to it in the moments off your feast. Or save it to Ash Wednesday. But by one method or another, rejoice. We may not be absolved from sin, today; but in prospect, we can be saved from the filth and squalor of “Capitalism” and “Socialism.” And for at least forty days.