A business opportunity

After nearly seventy years of seeking my fortune, or as I’ve come to realize, my “Fortunella,” I thought I had alighted in a field of Cumquats — under the roof of a supermarket yesterday. For these I have been seasonally seeking ever since I learnt to spell the word (though half the world insists on writing it with a “K”). For some reason, which I decline to recall, I identify these tart little miniature oranges (which are not Citrus at all, for they belong to the genus Fortunella) with the celebration of Easter; I would now be prepared.

Imagine my horror when, at the cash counter, I realized that I had purchased a box of Peruvian “Golden Berries,” sometimes called Cape Gooseberries, or Picchu Berries, or Aguaymanto, or Topotopo. They are not the same thing as Cumquats, and yet I, in my timorous foolishness, resolved to take them home, rather than make an unedifying scene.

“All that glisters is not Cumquats,” as Shakespeare might have said in the circumstance. Imagine shipping these sticky wee orange baubles the vast distance from Peru, to our northern wastes, for the express purpose of defrauding Cumquat purchasers. Unless, of course, no deception was intended. But I found these Golden Berries unnecessarily sweet, in a glib way, lacking in character.

I want Cumquats, as I might want Gold and Silver, much more than Dollars. This preference has become the more acute with the impending destruction of the U.S. currency. Communists, Arabs, and Brazilians have now conspired to denominate the world’s commodity trading in Chinese Yuan, depriving the Dollar of its almightiness. Worse, the bureaucrats in control of the North American economy have made their move to cancel it completely.

They are introducing a digital currency to replace physical money. The advantages, to our rulers, is that they may record and tax every economic transaction, no matter how small and how none-of-their-business. They will be able to eliminate savings and close bank accounts the way Justin and Crystia did during the truckers’ demonstration in Ottawa last year, but in the routine manner of the “social credit” schemes in Red China. We all become slaves, or “Cyber Uighers,” by this arrangement.

It is happening as I write, and is no exaggeration. It is awful, but it puts me in mind of a business opportunity.

An enterprising person, or persons, with access to wondrous amounts of gold and silver, should launch a private hard currency, or currencies, in response. He could open unofficial mints, in out of the way places, and stamp out coins of unquestionable value. These would probably be illegal, and would become certainly illegal once our governors found out, but hey. These coins would enable us to have a (tax-free!) informal economy, in the interstices of the official one, and thus survive imaginary global warming, and the other “crises” that are manufactured by the elect.

With time we could also organize an informal army, to be paid in cash, modelled perhaps on the Mafia. Weapons also, although proscribed by the politicians, would be freely available on the same terms.

The plan would be to shoot anyone who gets in our way.