FĂȘte du Dominion

It is the one hundred and fifty-sixth anniversary of the foundation of the “Dominion of Canada,” a phrase that may still be legally used, with the understanding that it means nothing; nor has meant anything since Pierre Trudeau sabotaged the Canadian constitution (“freed the slaves”) in 1982. His son, Justin, who matches or exceeds his arrogance (although he is much less intelligent), continues the faux-dynasty that has dominated Canadian politics for most of my long adult life, and provides an unanswerable argument against bourgeois democracy.

We received yet another when Olivia Chow-Chow, the socialist bargirl who is the widow of the communist, Jack Layton Chow-Chow, won Toronto’s mayoral by-election this week — by her superior name recognition among the one hundred and three “independent” candidates. She conquered with a commanding one-third of the tiny turnout (a new municipal record low). It is discouraging to be reminded of the general, catastrophic stupidity of Torontonian and Canadian voters. (By riding on vehicles of the Toronto Transit Commission, one may quickly confirm my estimate.)

To be fair to the majority of (now) forty million Canadian residents (thanks to the world’s most aggressive immigration recruitment policies), very few of them have the slightest interest in politics, or willingness to participate in public life. They simply pay their taxes, or cash their government cheques, and do what they are told, wearing masks and taking vaccinations when indicated. They are told to vote Liberal, by the bought-and-paid-for shills in the Canadian media, and they usually do. A growing proportion in Toronto are mentally ill (as one may also determine while a passenger on its trolleys).

Is mental illness the consequence of a meaningless life? (No politics, but also no religion, and no detectable literary or other cultural interests. Perhaps some physical exercise and dieting.)

On the hidden assumption that it is, the official solution to this “crisis” is MAiD service — “Medical Assistance in Dying” — increasingly (and remuneratively) promoted by Canadian doctors. Our abortion regime has thus been extended to persons of all ages and medical conditions. It is the government’s solution to the problem of people who can’t pay taxes, and should soon become our leading cause of death, ahead of suicide and drug overdoses.

To which I might add, “Happy Canada Day!”