Wasted years

My “good intention,” to file an Idlepost last Friday, was upset by a transient ischaemic event, that left me intellectually floundering. But ah well, I might have had an attack of Nominalism, which would have been much worse.

My lost Idlepost for the Feast of Saint Michael and All Angels was to be about waste; my own, especially. The Angels, who to my mind have some of the qualities of Down Syndrome children, look on uncomprehending as we waste our lives. My own time was consigned to oblivion while thinking about politics, and through the laziness of walking through decades of “journalism” on chiefly political topics.

Literature, the arts and the sciences, philosophical inquiry, scholarship, and the Christian life, might have been, by comparison, unwasted time.

Ed West, whose Substack journalism is promisingly entitled, “The Wrong Side of History,” is now doing what I used to do, though he does it much better: filling a prodigious amount of space. His own weekend offering, “Thirteen Wasted Years,” is a summary of the debilitation from “Tory” government in Britain. Under David Cameron and the other incompetent fluff that succeeded him, the Conservative Party sold out its conservative supporters, and allowed the satanic, Woke ideology to take possession of the bureaucracy and British public life.

But this was also the case under Donald Trump in the United States, who provided mere bumps in the Woke slide that began, more intentionally, under Obama … or was it Bush? Readers must grasp that Dr Anthony Fauci and the whole Batflu hysteria was enabled by Trump’s nominally Republican administration, and judging from the Congress, a milquetoast president would have made no difference.

The argument for voting rightwing has been obviated. It was the last argument for democracy: that the rate of moral decline could be slowed if we would elect the other party. The same bureaucracy will remain in place unless it is removed, in addition to the politicians.

In Canada, we have learned that Conservative and Liberal politicians cooperated, or rather conspired, to sabotage the truckers’ convoy, and demonize its ingenuous supporters. Both watch complacently as the law is used to condemn the impressive organizers of this harmless protest, as is done against “January 6th” protesters in the U.S.A.

What is the lesson in this? That one should not be hanged for a lamb, but for a sheep, rather.