More war

Unnecessary wars are the most necessary, because they are the hardest to avoid. They happen in defiance of all rational cause. The Islamic criminal organization, Hamas, has given us another example out of Gaza. Its attack on Israel was absolutely unnecessary, and counter-productive, very bold, and hopeless unless they can get the war to spread. But defence against it is correspondingly necessary. The attack consists, as usual, of intentional slaughter not only of the Jewish inhabitants in Sderot, &c, and of anyone in the path of many thousands of their missiles, but by this provocation Hamas will achieve the slaughter of many in Gaza city, too. Indeed, domestic arrangements in Gaza (and the “West Bank”) are made to maximize civilian casualties when the Israeli Defence Forces inevitably reply.

The motive, for Hamas, is an almost pure race hatred. Their founding documents make clear that they are committed to the complete annihilation of Israel. Jews are openly despised, as Jews, in their propaganda. This is a powerful tool for social control, and it has reduced the “Palestinian” (local Arab) population, to enthusiastic psychopathy. But the consequence will be, as it has been throughout history, disaster for the hateful party. Alas, they have made a pact with the devil. They have sold their souls and cannot redeem them.

And yet greater Islam is, gradually, learning from this Palestinian mistake. Israel and Saudi Arabia were at the point of signing an effective peace treaty like those which the Trump administration negotiated between Israel and the Gulf states. Indeed, the Iranian sponsors of Hamas and Hezbollah had, as a possible minor motive, the desire to wreck that diplomatic prospect.

What is to be done? Sell Israel whatever arms it needs to conduct the war, and replace its losses, and give Israel diplomatic cover when it does what it must necessarily do: eliminate Hamas.