At least five thousand Hamas rockets have landed within the boundaries of the Gaza strip, during the current campaign.

Of course,  this is another thing the Jews can be blamed for: Palestinians are being killed by rockets that were intended for the Jews. If the Israelis would only allow free trade to the Palestinians, with, for instance, Iran, the Palestinians could buy rockets with much better technology, instead of relying on home-assembly from plumbing pipes and other primitive materials, delivered in aid programmes. They could then hit targets with greater accuracy, and therefore murder Jews more efficiently.

Perhaps this analysis is too glib. Hamas isn’t especially interested in accuracy, and if they kill mostly Arabs, or cause Arabs to be killed (in reprisals), their purposes are probably better served.

One thinks, for instance, of the BBC, among the world’s leading Palestine promoters. Day after day they headline casualties from the Israeli assault, in which they have included, for instance, the (misfired?) Hamas rocket that struck a Christian hospital, and the large number of secondary explosions from the Hamas tunnel network, in which explosives are stored.

The Hamas strategy is, more simply, to kill a lot of people, for instance a lot of Jews on the morning of Saturday, October 7th — to the praise of their international allies — but also many Muslims, day in and day out.

Such, however, are the politics in this world, that they will always find supporters — among Islamists and Leftists, currently, and among other devils in human flesh, when another murderous cause is to be served.

And politics includes the art of compromise, with such devils. Land for peace, the bifurcation of states, and subsidies for fake humanitarianism, are among the concessions that nice liberals and conservatives make. That is why I am neither a liberal nor a conservative; but a reactionary, and apparently a war-monger.

For I think the purpose of wars, including many of the wars that Jews and Christians have been getting into during the last few centuries, is Victory. Defeat is always a mistake.

There will always be more wars — among humans and the other killer apes — but they must be fought, with attention, one battle at a time, with an eye to victory and the extinction of the evil that must be fought. Wars can be quite unpleasant.

But the good news is that they can generally be avoided by a side that has a reputation for winning them, quickly and decisively.