A few ideas

Perhaps a new organization is required, to replace NATO. It would include all the current NATO members, minus Erdogan’s Turkey; but would add Taiwan, Japan, the Korean republic, the Philippines, Eretz Yisrael (to the Jordan), and eventually India and a few more nation-states. It would be explicitly trans-national, but expressly opposed to any form of “world government”; a military alliance, not an infinite bureaucracy. Members would withdraw from the United Nations, upon joining.

The Czech defence ministrix, Jana Černochová, might be among the first movers of this proposal. Like all the allied defence ministers, she has seen the Hamas attack videos from October 7th (filmed largely by Hamas itself); the Israelis made copies. But alone among them, she has pointed out that these images are not only in bad taste. They indicate that a new Holocaust has begun against the Jews; and resigning from the U.N., which “diplomatically” supports it, is incumbent upon every civilized state.

One could be tedious and add vignettes from the pro-Hamas, pro-Jew murder demonstrations of Islamists and Leftists right around the world. This would include scenes of mobs, hunting unambiguously for Jews to kill in places like Dagestan and Pakistan; but also filling the streets in the urban West with their sympathizers. The scheme of importing quite unexamined Muslim immigrants into Europe and North America on an incredible scale should itself be definitively “re-examined.”

For our “anti-terrorist” laws need force. Supporters of Hamas and of other terrorist entities must be deported, if they are not citizens, or imprisoned if they are. The argument for imprisoning them is far more lucid than Roosevelt’s, who was putting Japanese immigrants in prison camps during World War II. For this is not a question of mere ethnicity, but of their conscious criminality.

Needless to say, my proposals are unlikely to prevail in the foreseeable future.