Totally war

It will be a pity if we have to fight a war against everyone outside NATO, the EU, and the OECD (which are pretty much the blended “white” bureaucracy). Had it happened in the “good old days,” when our enemy was just the Communists, we might have hoped for the best. The Commies were technologically somewhat inferior, having spent the better part of a century making economic mistakes. It is true that nuclear weapons are bad (remember “Nuclear Winter”?) but not nearly so erasing as an asteroid hit, and as I was once mocked for observing, there are other worse things. Death is generally overstated in our materialist, neo-pagan culture; but in various situations, including what I was then reporting from India, death is the only way forward. And in the West, we insist on advance.

But bona fide Communists are no longer well enough organized to conduct a plausible war. Primitive and yet adaptable prejudices have returned to the fore, and politics everywhere provides the satanic leadership that the people in this world tend to ask for (whether democratically, or not). The alliances are based on the “make The Other pay” principle — which is the opposite of religious teaching in the world’s ten leading faiths.

This is how things have usually been; it is the condition that we are returning to, and the only thing that distinguishes our time is the marvellous efficiency of the weapons. For a few generations one might have said “our” weapons, but the diffusion has become more broad, and with the terrorist tactic of surprise (like the famous Welsh art of self-defence: hit him before he has even thought of hitting you), our “natural advantages” have fallen into decline.

Which makes it more frustrating that the prevailing “ideology” in the West has become the “woke” ideology, dedicated to the destruction of our economic order on environmental whims, including the reduction of every form of production. As Ukraine, and Israel (and soon, Taiwan) will find, as they face enemies designed for perpetual war, we are running out of ammunition.

That is why we might pine for the good old days, for with nuclear missiles we would never run out. The world would run out of targets first.