There were accredited journalists, including certain Hamas propagandists working for the Associated Press and Reuters, who were embedded with the forces that invaded south Israel on October 7th — killing outright approximately 1,500 civilian non-combatants, then raping, torturing, and kidnapping hundreds upon hundreds more, and desecrating the corpses. They took photographs and videos of the Hamas atrocities, which they proudly distributed through the “Palestinian” community, and (lucratively) to Leftists and Muslims worldwide. Many were also sent, via “social media,” directly to the friends and relatives of their victims, and haphazardly throughout Israel by way of intimidation.

Many of these journalists were, at the very least, carrying weapons for the terrorists, which makes them complicit under international law. Israel, happily, has a tradition of hunting down every war criminal who has contributed to the extermination of Jews; and godspeed to them as they search for these “flacks.”

I have often been ashamed of my participation in journalism, which by the dawn of this century was deeply degraded. The average journalist is, at his most honourable, a prostitute, or rather something worse, for poor prostitutes engage in reprehensible acts to support their families. Journalists commonly circulate knowing lies, gratuitously, to advance their political causes, or to smear their ideological opponents. In my experience, they often do it for sport.

Moreover, this is what we must consistently expect of them. Only a fool will trust the news. While not all journalists are viciously evil, in their private lives, the great majority have been debauched by their profession. I would not make an exception for anyone employed in the  “mainstream.” The few honest are hidden away, “professionally” cancelled.

But very well, for the rest. At last, we have a pretext to begin hanging them.