Psalmi idiotici

Having been a fairly radical conservationist (not quite the same as “a conservative”), from the age of six when I first formed this attitude, I am among the enthusiasts for what used to be called “global warming.”

Of course, I am a reactionary, more than a conservative, and all my attitudes are tied up in a package with a fine Catholic bow. The mental space I have allotted to “conservation” could be dismissed as materialist, and sentimental, excess. But it makes me happy, and with the year-end approaching, it is time to conceive a Happy for the New Year.

Global greening will therefore serve as my topic for today. The last major survey of the satellite data that I noticed, by multiple authors from multiple institutions in multiple countries, showed that vegetation had undeniably increased, by about one-seventh over all, and by some amount in every climate zone, over the last thirty years. Even Greenland and the Sahara are beginning to open to agricultural possibilities, which are of course further accelerated by technological inventions. This process is, moreover, continuing at a rate much faster than temperature is climbing — an accident that, to my mind, is probably artefact of urban sprawl. Thus, more “green” improvements will address that.

There are political movements to induce despair, as there are always; and power-crazed “progressive” activists (i.e. malicious idiots) try to ban desirable fossil fuels. Their parallel opposition to efficient, non-polluting nuclear electric generation provides proof of their hypocrisy. But I expect that, despite ruinous expenditure on their “climate change” agenda, with ludicrous subsidies for hideous “wind farms,” solar panels, and battery cars, we will be saved by (of all things) democracy. This is because the majority of voters, while demonstrably stupid, eventually learn that “climate change” is a fraud, and that they have been cheated of an unconscionable amount of their income.

We should welcome the increase of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, by two-fifths over something approximating to the whole time period. This is easily the major cause of world-wide greening, as it is, obviously, in more confined glasshouse spaces. And if urban temperatures “continue to rise,” so will our wealth and our regular use of air conditioning. It, too, generously releases carbon, so that our prospect is win/win.

Gloria In Excelsis Deo!

And on earth, peace, to men of good will.