Blessed Luddites

Our present contest with the pagans, Donatists, Arians, Manichaeans, and their modern equivalents by whatever name (“Woke” is the current catch-all) has not been going well, mostly because we are not fighting. When contradicted by violent bullying and threats, the contemporary Christian gentleman, or narcissist, will lay down his arms and arguments, and avoid direct confrontation by hiding. This, at least, is my own strategy. The only places where we are winning, is where we have not laid down. Unfortunately, the Christian movement (Catholic at centre) is advanced mostly by vulgar politicians; the bishops seem to be swinging the other way. So I have come to adore some of these “stooges of the people”: Mister Donald Trump, Signora Georgia Meloni, Señor Javier Milei. And note, “adore” them as persons, not necessarily for their political judgement, which may stray sometimes.

They do not expressly campaign as Christians, but most unusually, they do not try to avoid the charge, or hide from their accusers. This is what makes them remarkable, today. They know that family, faith, and freedom are the lodestars, against the obfuscating bureaucracies; satanic machinery that has been installed everywhere in public life. For unlike common politicians, they have a noble purpose; and are aware that nobility invites martyrdom. That impetus, is to break the machine.