Checking the returns

Toronto-Saint Paul’s is defined, among the political experts, as a “safe Liberal seat.” For one thing, it is in the middle of Toronto, where the Conservatives have no members. (The NDP occasionally wins ridings like Parkdale.) According to a pollster, who is (in my opinion) a Liberal party hack, if the Liberals were to lose Saint Paul’s, it would mean that there were no safe seats left for them in Canada. None is the same as zero, incidentally.

Late last night, we learned that the Liberals had lost Saint Paul’s.

It was just a by-election, however. Toronto’s electorate enjoys the kind of deep somnolence that is not permanently correctible. Its people are typical of urban voters everywhere: they are easily convinced by “progressive” fantasists, and environ-mental snake-oil salesmen. Hence, liberal-lefties control all the big-city municipal governments, and provide marionettes to all the national puppet theatres. ┬áThose who voted against them will return to snoring mode after just a moment’s consciousness.

Put not your faith in men, to say nothing of princes, as the Psalmist anciently advised us. To trust in democracy is to have your faith in men, multiplied.

Yet we may hope for a breathing space, between “progressive” regimes. And as ever, we may hope for a good result in the end.