How to not watch

Apparently, there is a “debate” on tonight between two of the contenders for the American presidency; it has been flagged by the media, all over the world. I can’t see that anything can be learnt from this “debate,” which will be even less like an intellectual exchange than all the other “video” spectacles since Nixon-Kennedy (which I also did not watch, in 1960; we didn’t have a television when I was a child, in Pakistan). An immense amount of honest goodness could be had by not watching television back then; and not watching items on the Internet has followed in that fine tradition.

I did, however, watch the manned landing on the moon (in 1969). I was pleased to note that the Eagle did not crash, which I feared it might do. But whether Mr Biden crashes does not approach my bucket-list of curiosities.

It’s like losing weight. The only way to do this is to stop eating.