Vive le Canada libre

To line the streets in this weather is rather impressive. (Below zero, both Fahrenheit and Centigrade, along almost all of the convoy route, with bone-chilling breeze.) I am thinking not only of Canada’s truckers, who have given us all a rare moment of pride and patriotism; but also of the people waving along the streets and overpasses, to thank them and to cheer them on. The secret is in the numbers: we keep each other warm.

It is not only gigantic delivery trucks, but also the myriad “support vehicles” among them. Early this morning, for instance, I was watching an informal broadcast from Kingston, Ontario — where I used to live. After row upon row of the truckers, who had parked for the night at the edge of town, the camera moved in upon a little SUV, with nurses. They had been fired by the jackasses in our “public health” bureaucracies, for refusing vaccinations (that would be, for them, both dangerous and unnecessary). This after two years of heroic front-line work in our hospitals. God bless them.

Like the rest in this protest, they are available along the route to attend to those who may need them. (Repairs for the vehicles is everywhere done free; coffee and doughnuts are plentiful.) Many different vocations are here represented, and all have in common a commitment to the good of their unknown neighbours. This is seldom shared by the “laptop people” who construct the lockdown rules for their own convenience. It is a reminder of the importance of “essential workers” — and that they cannot be identified by government agents and census-takers. For they are called to their stations, spontaneously, by Christ.

“Lockdowns,” as one demonstrator shouted, “are for prisoners!” It is important, not only that governments be shifted out of power, but that the leading figures in them should be humiliated. Only thus can we be reasonably sure that arbitrary methods will not be tried again — at least through the coming generation, in our formerly free country. No more involuntary lockdowns, no more useless facial diapers; less political stench and garbage.

We should not be puzzled that the Batflu disease has clustered more densely wherever “public health” has been most intrusive. All realms have suffered, from the Red Chinese virus, but places like Japan, Sweden, Florida, Texas, have escaped the worst. God did not create a world in which tyrants would be rewarded.