American Thanksgiving

It is again the fourth Thursday in November, which is to say, the very eve of Black Friday — the modern American custom of dishonouring (or, “cancelling”) Thanksgiving. The American economy may be in serious inflationary decline, and choking on the usury that apparently all have chosen for themselves; American freedom (not unlike American enterprise) is being abandoned, without much fight. But these are not reasons to despair. They would be only if the losses were “definitive”; but of course they are not. We have merely “opted” to make the good unlawful, and evil mandatory, in our public policies. This can last only for a time.

America’s universities, media, bureaucracies, and increasing proportions of her courts and military have been surrendered to the Left. Satanic demonstrations roll through the streets — currently for “Palestinian” terrorists and murderers. It is a dark, irreligious political extravaganza, reversing every principle that had once defined American federalism.

But politics will not provide the answers to this. It never has. The Democrats will not lose any foreseeable election, now that they are permanently married with the Left, and thus explicitly with the source of all worldly corruption. Old-school Americans will get used to defeat, and must expect it, until the Democrats have been uprooted and destroyed. There are tiny signs of hope, abroad in Argentina and Holland, I will grant; but in America the FBI, State Department, and Homeland Security are vigilant against recovery. Having a man of the calibre of Biden as president is a kind of guarantee that the America we once knew, is finished. We have hobbled into a post-America.

But thanks to God, there is still much for which we can be thankful. There is truth, and it will withstand every ideological lie; there is the possibility of goodness in every aspect of human life; and there is beauty in all things that God has created, and is still creating, in counterpoint to everything that He has not. Men continue to have marvellous options.

That they may be punished for choosing them should not surprise us. Christ was crucified, after all. And yet, even in the face of this setback, Christ is King.