Post scriptum

If yesterday was the eve of Black Friday, today must be the day itself; that day of the year when I once again pathetically beg for “subscriptions.” I trust yesterday’s Idlepost will have discouraged those, who doubt my serenity; especially those in America who have been most generous in the past.

There were, for instance, queries about my assertion that, in effect, to vote Democrat is to vote for the Devil (as voting Liberal or NDP would be up here in Canada). Hardly anyone does this, however — votes for the Devil, consciously. Humans instinctively deny such behaviour, even when they are doing it.

But note, I say the Democrats have now permanently married the Left, which makes my assertion much more plausible. The individual, free-standing Democrat may be entirely beyond criminal prosecution, but is, as it were, Satan’s bride.

“The Left” has advanced unambiguous evil in human affairs throughout the Enlightened age, and caused many millions to be deceased, prematurely. This “Enlightenment” has lasted for several centuries. I would not say that “The Right” is better, for what “The Left” tags “The Right” are rival factions of “The Left” (e.g. Nazis, Fascists). For the alternative to The Left is not really The Right; it is rather old-fashioned mediocrity, with liberal and conservative tendencies; and an instinctive acknowledgement of God.

The reactionary, of course, is explicitly opposed to political Left/Right, including “democracy” in its several impractical forms. That is why I am a theocratic monarchist, and a reactionary.

I also enjoy peripheral neuropathy, and a few other things my pro-Hamas general practitioner may have diagnosed. This means I am not a reliable word-manufacturer, in the long-run; and provides a good reason to praise my unselfish donors; hurry before your time is up!